to preview with fonts on your computer

to preview with fonts on your computer

A site where you can preview any text you type with the fonts on your computer. So you do not have to look at the fonts one by one.

I think that a lot of people, especially designers, will be doing a lot of work on the site established by Fahri Ozkaramanli.


Very simple to use

The site is simple to use. On the upper left, you are welcomed to You will see the text box “enter a word or phrase” slightly below. After entering the word or phrase, press the enter key. That is all. By scanning the fonts on your computer, you will see on the screen how you see the word or phrase you enter.

  • Fontların boyutunu büyültüp küçültebilirsiniz.
  • Arka zemini siyah veya beyaz olarak değiştirebilirsiniz.
  • Ayrıca beğendiğiniz fontları mouse ile işaretleyerek seçebilir ve en sonunda sadece seçmiş olduklarınızı görebilirsiniz.



You need flash player installed on your computer.
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