interesting, different advertising, graphics and illustration styles

interesting, different advertising, graphics and illustration styles

This is done by painters have proven their ability and success in advertising and graphic styles on the website Located on a Russian site. There are 3 main topics on the site. Illustration, Animation and Sotyboard. I think it will be a useful resource for designers of the site is unique, and the original work.

On average around 30,000 sites in 13 different countries that drawing 103 offers professional designer and artist abilities.

If we take a look briefly at the Department.

Illustration: An issue with Graphical described in this section, you will broaden your horizons with interesting and different illustration work.

Animation: This section is located in a small animated films made by drawing. Majority advertising purposes (product show) is really different and interesting films.

Storyboard: Turkish name of the story board story board. Briefly describes the drawing of the story. creative story to be made in this section are individually shown in the drawing. This will be and who will be drawn creative details are elaborated here. This part of the wonderful work that is particularly of interest to advertisers.

Site serves as Russian and English.

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