advanced graphing calculator

advanced graphing calculator

Desmos is an advanced graphing calculator implemented as a browser application and a mobile application. As of September 2012, it had received around 1,000,000 US dollars of funding from Kapor Capital, Learn Capital, Kindler Capital, Elm Street Ventures and Google Ventures. In addition to live graphing, it features lists, plots, regressions, interactive variables, piecewise function graphing, polar function graphing, and two types of graph paper. It also has several different languages that can be used.

In Desmos’ can draw piece according to the definition range of functions, also possible to draw both according to the value set by the disparity of the other function. In this way it allows the drawing of different partial functions beyond the fragmented structure we use in math functions.

Desmos android, iOS and reached anywhere at any time due to work through the browser is an application as possible. Desmos Javascript / it is written by Json. With this application, especially in terms of functions to draw graphics and computational calculation it is quite easy to do. It is loved by students rather because it has a user-friendly interface. It has easy to use in terms of the application of statistical procedures particularly simple correlation and regression to account and render graphics to thrive. This issue is an effective means of both visual and operational software.


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